Alcohol and Other Drug Services

Many students actively struggle with controlling their drinking or drug use; others simply doubt or question whether or not their substance use is problematic. While alcohol remains the most widely used addictive substance on college campuses, marijuana, prescription painkillers, and stimulants are being abused in growing numbers.

If you have any concerns about the ways in which substance use may be affecting your school work, job performance, health, relationships, or general wellbeing, speaking with a professional counselor is a good way to clarify to what degree chemical substances may be causing you problems.

CAPS offers several services and resources that can give you feedback on your relationship to substances and help you work through any ambivalence about staying where you are or making changes in your habits.

First Steps to Getting Help

 Consider any of the following services as a first step:

  • Take an anonymous, confidential online alcohol screening
  • Peruse the CAPS self-help library books on abuse and addiction   
  • Attend a Bruins for Recovery (B4R) meeting at CAPS or other campus locations. B4R is a group of recovering UCLA students who provide support to those interested in exploring, achieving, or maintaining long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol. Allies, friends, and families of those with substance use issues are welcome to get support as well.   
  • Meet with a CAPS counselor for a brief screening to:
    • Explore options for confidential individual counseling
      • Back on Track - a 2 hour meeting with an individual therapist to focus on exploring how the use of alcohol and drugs may have led to repeated negative consequences in one's life, how they influence behavior, and ways to reduce problems in the future.
    • Enroll in a CAPS group focusing on substance issues:
      • Moving Forward – for students interested in making changes in use habits or maintaining the changes they have made, with group support
    • Ask about community resources
    • Enroll in the Matrix Institute on Addictions for 8-weeks of group treatment or UCLA’s Dual Diagnosis program (Students who wish to utilize their SHIP insurance for these services must obtain a referral from CAPS.)

Online Resources, Community Programs and 12-Step Groups

Not ready to interface with CAPS directly or seeking information about 12-Step groups and other treatment programs?

Check out the online resources for helpful information about substance use, abuse, and addiction.