Workshops & Trainings

The goal of providing workshops and trainings is to help educate campus communities on mental health issues, empower them to utilize helping skills and proactive wellness practices, eliminate the stigma towards mental health through a community of care, and bring CAPS into the larger UCLA community. 

For Internships, Fellowships and Practicum, please visit Graduate Training Programs.

Quarterly Scheduled Workshops:

Suicide Safe Training

The UCLA Suicide Safe Model aims to transform higher education to significantly reduce suicide by equipping multiple campus communities and stakeholders around suicide safety and response. Objective of the training include: recognizing that we are all affected by personal, societal and cultural attitudes about suicide; using a step-by-step technique to act to help a person at risk of suicide and be safe for now; identifying the next step after a person has been assisted in a suicide-related crisis; appreciating the value of improving community resources; and appreciate the concepts of life-promotion and self-care in the context of suicide. This training is appropriate for all members of the UCLA community including campus partners, staff, faculty, and students who wish to better understand suicide and assist with its prevention outside of mental health settings. 

Suicide safe training for all students, staff, and TAs on 04/25/19 10:00 am - 12:00 pm. RSVP required by emailing:

Responding to Distressed & Distressing Students

Faculty and staff play a critical role in a student’s university experience and are in a position to become aware of a student in distress. This workshop will help you understand the components of this central role: identifying, responding to and referring distressed students. Participants learn to respond effectively to specific types of distressing behaviors to minimize classroom disruption while assisting the student with appropriate resources. Discussion will include:

  • Helping staff and faculty to proactively identify distress of various types (anxiety,
    depression, mania, psychosis, alcohol and drug abuse, suicidality, dangerousness to others);
  • How to respond to distressing students, consulting with and referring students to CAPS and/or the Consultation & Response Team (CRT).

D&D for all staff and TAs on 04/16/19 9:30 am - 11:00 am and 05/08/19 4:00 - 5:30 pm in the CAPS Large Conference Room. RSVP required by emailing:

CAPS Connect

CAPS Connect is a training designed for student leaders and campus partners who want more in-depth skills for responding to students in distress. The goal of this training is to help participants develop basic skills to engage students, assess signs of distress, increase help-seeking behaviors, and to be able to connect students to various campus resources, including CAPS.

CAPS Connect for all students on 04/10/19 9:30 am - 11:00 am and 04/24/19 5:00 - 6:30 pm in the CAPS Large Conference Room. RSVP required by emailing:

Intro to CAPS

Intro To CAPS is a training designed for students, student organizations, and campus partners who want to learn more about CAPS services and how to initiate services. This training also covers campus and student resources available at UCLA as well. 

Please send request to


Request a Workshop or Training

CAPS professional staff are sometimes available to provide workshops to students, staff, and faculty organizations on a variety of topics. Although staffing for outreach is limited, we will do our best to accommodate requests and provide appropriate referrals as needed. 

Please aim to comply with the following when requesting a workshop:

  • - Make your request at least three weeks before the workshop date

  • - Due to the many responsibilities of CAPS staff and the large request for services, we must require a  minimum of 10 audience members at each function. 

  • - Communicate any changes in needs, logistics, or preferences for the workshop with your facilitator(s)

  • - Meet the facilitator(s) at the location 15 minutes prior to the start time of the workshop/request

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the workshops offered by SHEP and Resilience in the Student Experience (RISE) at