Student Athlete Services

CAPS for Athletics Clinical Services include:

Athletics Brief Screen at CAPS to determine appropriate services

  • Student athletes can review the Athletics Referral form and visit CAPS during Brief Screen hours (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm). There is no charge for this screening.

Psychotherapy and Psychiatry

  • Student athletes may engage in treatment with any CAPS clinician, however, there are specific clinicians at CAPS who have experience working with student athletes: 
  • Dr. Melinda Kirschner, Expertise in eating disorder treatment
  • Dr. James Cones, Senior clinician
  • Dr. Yusef Daulatzai, Generalist training
  • Dr. David Taylor, Psychiatrist
  • Urgent referrals can be arranged at CAPS by contacting Dominique Gillis, LMFT or Dr. Melinda Kirschner at (310) 825-0768.
  • For questions regarding psychiatry, contact Dr. David Taylor at (310) 825-0768.
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Treatment

    Consultation with Sports Medicine

    Eligibility & Fees:

    All registered UCLA student athletes are eligible for CAPS services including individual psychotherapy, psychiatric treatment, and group treatment. If you have financial concerns regarding receiving CAPS services, please talk to your athletic trainer or the Director of Athletic Training, Mark Poccinich. You may also submit a Billing Inquiry Form to CAPS to request a fee reduction/waiver.

    Other Services:

    • For specific clinical consultation, please contact Dr. Melinda Kirschner, Athletics Program Coordinator or Dominique Gillis, LMFT, Clinical Coordinator at (310) 825-0768.
    • Team Consultations/Presentations/Workshop requests, email Dr. Melinda Kirschner.
    • Sexual Assault Prevention/CARE services, email a CARE Advocate, Victoria Molino or Jaclyn Wright.
    • Student Athlete Mentor (SAMS) Requests, email Dr. Melinda Kirschner.    

    Student Athlete Mentors Program (SAMs):

    The Student Athlete Mentors Program was started at UCLA in 2010. The SAMs mission is to serve as a liaison between CAPS and student-athletes and act as a trained resource to promote health and wellness to their teammates and the broader UCLA community. SAMs members provide support to teammates and UCLA students through education, access to resources, increased awareness and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. SAMs members will be involved in prevention and outreach efforts to the UCLA community geared towards alcohol and drug use, nutrition and eating disorders, safety, sexual assault education, stress management and effective coping, and suicide prevention.

    For more information about SAMs, email Dr. Melinda Kirschner.