Student Group Partners

Active Minds

Active Minds (UCLA Chapter) is a national organization which aims to educate students on UCLA’s campus and the surrounding Los Angeles community of the importance of advocating for mental health, awareness of the stigma associated with mental illness, and taking action against suicide. 

They provide information on resources for those that suffer from mental health issues and for those who support others who suffer. They hold workshops, events, education opportunities and fundraisers on the UCLA campus as well as programs at local schools and mental health community centers. They aim to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health on our campus, in our community, and across the nation. By changing the conversation about mental health they create a better system for supporting those who need the help, and allow for everyone to understand that we all have mental health, and should take care of it accordingly.

For more information about the national nonprofit organization, visit Active Minds.

Bruin Consent Coalition

Bruins for Recovery (B4R)

Bruins for Recovery (B4R) is a registered student organization at UCLA dedicated to supporting students recovering from addictive behaviors, and their allies, family, and friends.

They are a culturally diverse group of UCLA undergraduates, grad students, staff, faculty, and alumni who have come together to fight the stigma of drug and alcohol addiction and to create a safe, sober environment in which UCLA students can flourish.

Members include individuals who:

  • Are in long-term recovery from alcohol or drug addictions
  • Choose not to drink or use drugs, for any reason (e.g., personal preference, religious reasons, etc.)
  • Drink but want to support a healthy campus environment Have friends or family members who struggle with or are in long-term recovery from alcohol or drug addictions
  • Use alcohol or drugs but might want to stop

In the broadest terms, the mission of Bruins For Recovery (B4R) is to help students get and stay sober in order to fully engage in their academic, social, and personal pursuits.

In the service of this mission, they aim to:

  • Provide a safe, supportive space for students with alcohol and drug issues to engage in sober activities with other recovering students
  • Raise awareness about long-term recovery as a viable goal for students who struggle with addiction, as well as combat the stigma associated with alcoholism and drug addiction
  • Foster supportive relationships with the friends, allies, and family members of those who struggle with addiction
  • Help students with any addictive or compulsive behavior connect with supportive community resources on and off the campus

Specific activities include: Weekly 12 step support groups, sober events, and weekly business meetings.

Call or text for more information and support: (213) 761-4732

Undocumented Student Program (USP)

The Undocumented Student Program (USP) within the UCLA Bruin Resource Center (BRC), supports undocumented students by providing caring, personalized services and resources that enable students to reach their highest potential. Through a variety of programs, workshops, and partnerships with students, campus allies, and community stakeholders, USP strives to support all members of the UndocuBruin community. By advocating for educational equity, empowering students, and fostering a campus environment, USP celebrates the unique contributions of all its members.

For more information:

Visit: Student Activities Center, Suite B44
Phone: 310-206-2980 or 310-794-2544

WAZO Connect

Wazo Connect is a program by students for students that aims to improve mental health on university campuses by helping students feel connected to their campus community. We serve as a complement to CAPS and other mental health groups to provide the best support to students who are feeling lonely and stressed. 

At Wazo Connect, we have developed a 6-week program comprised of  weekly one-on-one mentorship sessions and bi-weekly group meetings.  Each student in need (mentee) is assigned with a personal student mentor, based on the mentee's needs and preferences, who meets with them for 1-3 hours a week. Our bi-weekly activities provide our mentees with alternative forms of wellness and self-expression through activities such as meditation and painting as well as a supportive and accepting community.