Please check the Ashe Center Website at for more specific information about dates of coverage and academic year eligibility.

An important note: that copay has been reduced for Students with SHIP seeking outside treatment with an Anthem treatment provider. Copay is now $10. 

If You Are Worried About a Bruin

Contact CAPS for consultation (310) 825-0768 and ask to speak to one of our clinical coordinators during normal business hours or contact our 24/7 crisis line at 310-825-0768

Refer to the Dean of Students, Case Management Services or the Consultation & Response Team. See more


For more treatment information, explore our fall brochure.  I hope this academic year finds you health, healing and hope.


Go Bruins,
Nicole Green

Executive Director

Counseling and Psychological services (CAPS)

Notice: The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) recently voted to authorize a strike. The University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE) Health Care Professionals (HX), Research Support Professionals (RX), and Technical (TX) Units, have also voted to authorize a sympathy strike. The three-day strike will begin Tuesday, October 23 at 4 am and end on Friday, October 26 at 4 am.  UPTE includes The UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services’ (CAPS) Counseling Psychologists and LCSW therapists who will likely engage in this strike.

CAPS will remain open during these dates and remains committed to student safety and care. As always, if you require timely or urgent assistance, please call our central number (310-825-0768). If you have an urgent need after hours, you can talk to a crisis counselor by calling 310-825-0768 and selecting Option2.  For a life-threatening emergency, please call 911, or go to the nearest Emergency Department.
• CAPS will maintain hours of operation, M-Thursday 8-6pm (Wednesday opening at 9am) and Friday 8-5pm. 
• Brief Screening Services: Students seeking an initial assessment, especially for emergent or urgent needs,  should come in for a brief screen assessment between 9 and 4pm or contact the 24/7 Crisis line at 310-825-0768.
• Intake Therapy Appointments: CAPS will make every effort to prioritize previously scheduled intake appointments for those with emergent or urgent needs.  However, in the event there is disruption to your prescheduled intake therapy appointment, CAPS will make efforts to have staff available for urgent walk-in consultation if needed with trained clinicians during the strike period. CAPS will contact you directly via phone to confirm any and all cancelled appointments and work to reschedule appointments in a timely manner, and/or provide appropriate referrals.
• Follow up Therapy Appointments: Some follow-up therapy appointments with regular therapists/treatment providers may be cancelled. CAPS will contact you directly regarding cancelled appointments and work to ensure timely follow-up and additional/or support and referrals. Students with urgent needs may present for an urgent walk-in appointment with a triage counselor.  In some cases, CAPS can provide brief phone check-ins with other clinicians, as clinically indicated. Please contact CAPS if you need to speak to a counselor immediately by phone at 310-825-0768.
• Psychiatry Services: Psychiatry services will operate as scheduled. Students with psychiatry appointments should proceed at their regularly scheduled time.  Due to the high demand for psychiatry services at this time of year, you should make every effort to attend your psychiatry appointments to ensure appropriate medication management. Cancelled appointments are unlikely to be rescheduled before the end of the Fall quarter.
• Group Therapy:  Some group therapy appointments may be cancelled. CAPS will contact students directly regarding cancelled appointments. Group sessions will resume as scheduled the following week

• Clinical Coordination/Case Management/ Campus Consultation Services: CAPS clinical coordination services will operate per usual, however, clinical coordinators will largely be focused on managing current patient care during this time. Faculty, staff and community members who have urgent questions or concerns about students in distress should consult with UCLA Case Management Services (310) 825-0628.  If clinical coordination services are needed, please expect longer than typical delays in responses.

CAPS remains committed to ensuring the continuation of a safe and respectful work environment for all CAPS staff members, students, and community members during this period and are working diligently on plans to provide as much care as possible .


Getting Started

Patient Portal

Login to the secure Patient Portal to check or cancel your appointment or to communicate with your CAPS providers.

Follow-up appointments can be made by calling or visiting CAPS during business hours:

Monday: 8am - 6pm
Tuesday: 8am - 6pm
Wednesday: 9am - 6pm
Thursday: 8am - 6pm
Friday: 8am - 5pm

UC-SHIP Benefit Update:

*Important Update Regarding Change to SHIP/Anthem Mental Health Benefits for the 2018-2019 SHIP plan year*
Copays for routine outpatient office visits with an in-network Anthem provider are going down to $10 per visit in the ’18-’19 plan year.  Please note the $25 copay for the ’17-’18 plan year will remain in effect until the new plan year begins.  Your SHIP/Anthem plan year dates correlate with the start of the new Academic Year as per your enrollment and academic program calendar.  These dates do vary.  

What is Happening at CAPS?